Chillaxin' at sunset
Desert Cottentail Chillaxin' at sunset
Creosote seed pods in the setting sun
Very healthy desert coyote in the wild
A manmade pond stocked with fish at a local golf course
A juvenile Cooper's Hawk, note the red eyes which turn brows upon maturity
Vermillion Flycatcher brings a welcome color of red to the drab desert
Mockingbird against a beautiful blue sky with new spring growth after winter
This cactus wren is full of spirit and rarely rests for long
The desert thrasher with its hooked beak is a menace to anything that crawls on the desert floor
Female Cooper's hawk looking at its mate who is calling on the next shot
Interesting celery leaftier or greenhouse leaftier moth, I love the braided antennae down its back.
Male Cooper's hawk calling out to its mate while scouting for a sunset meal
A common European starling with amazing color
Fountain Grass illuminated by the setting sun
Loquate tree full of fruit in the spring, imported but planted over 20 years ago
The yellow bird of paradise is a native of the Arizona desert
Neotropic Comerant  having a scratch after dining
A pair of Mallards stopped over during their annual migration south
A proud papa finch singing after his mate gave birth to 5 new chicks
This Cactus fly is a heavy pollinator as it seeks nectar
Second shot of the Cactus fly
Carpenter bee heading out for some honeysuckle nectar
A little closer look at how this bee is a king pollinator
A Green  lynx spider having an afternoon snack
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